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  • Mr. Trent Henderson, Director

    Band and Chorus, Tutt Middle School


  • Chorus will have a make-up quiz on Tuesday, February 19.  The old quiz that was done poorly on by most students may be used as a study guide.


    Chorus Summative Quiz February 8, 2019 (Tempo, Dynamics, Baroque, Classical)   Name__Study Guide_____

    Write the letter from the word bank for the Term and  then the symbol for the following definitions.

    1. Very Soft _g_____   ____pp_______
    2. Very Loud __l_______ ___ff______
    3. Medium Loud __j______    __mf_______
    4. Soft ____h_______    ____p_______
    5. Medium soft __i________    __mp_______
    6. Loud __k________    _____f______

    Write the letter from the word bank for the following definitions.

    1. Very Slow ____f______
    2. Very Fast___e_____Slow Walking Tempo______c_____
    3. Medium tempo ____d______
    4. Light and Lively ___b________
    5. Fast tempo_____a_______

    Use the word bank to answer the following questions.

    1. The 2 keyboard instruments most common in the baroque period were the

    _____n_____  and ______q_____.

    1. The keyboard instrument used mostly in the classical period is the ____s___.
    2. The Baroque period ended and the Classical period began with

    The death of ____m______.

    1. The main them of motif in Beethoven’s 5th symphony was from a dream he

    Had where ____o_______ was knocking at his door.

    1. During the ___p____period, the practice of purchasing tickets to hear

    Musical performances began.

    1. 2 Different tunes played at the same time contrasting each other is

    known as ___r_______.

    1. The same tune being played by different groups starting at different

    times is a ___u_____.

    1. ___aa___ Donated the proceeds from performances of Messiah to orphanages

    and children’s Hospitals.

    1. An opening song to a symphony or an opera is an __t_____.
    2. Piece for solo voice is an __dd____.
    3. A Collection of vocal pieces is a __v______.
    4. Performance made up of Singing, Instrumental Music, Dance and

     Drama is an ___x______.

    1. A moving, repetitive bass line is a _____bb_____.
    2. Moving toward the next chord or music gravity is called __w_____.
    3. A __ff_____ gets 4 beats.
    4. A __z_____gets 2 beats.
    5. A __cc_____ gets 6 beats.
    6. A ___ee_____gets 1 ½ beats.
    7. At the beginning of the music the___y___ tells us how many beats will be in a measure.
    8. At the beginning of the music the ___hh____tells us which notes will be sharp or flat.
    9. Symbols that raise the sound of a note by ½ step ____gg______ Draw it____#______
    10. Symbols that lower the sound of a note by ½ step____ii_____ Draw it____b_______



    a.  Allegro

    b.  Allegretto

    c.  Andante

    d. Moderato


    f. Largo

    g.  Pianissimo

    h.  Piano

    i.  Mezzo Piano

    j.  Mezzo Forte

    k.  Forte

    l.  Fortissimo

    m. J. S. Bach



    p.  Baroque

    q.  Harpsiord

    r.  Counterpoint

    s.  Piano

    t.  Overture

    u.  Canon (Round)

    v.  Cantata

    w.  Harmonic Progression

    x.  Opera

    y.  Time Signature

    z.  Half Note

    aa. G.F. Handel

    bb.  Continuo

    cc.  Dotted Whole Note

    dd.  Oratorio

    ee.  Dotted Quarter Note

    ff.  Whole Note

    gg.  Sharp

    hh.  Key Signagure

    ii.  Flat









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  • Welcome to the Tutt Middle School Band and Chorus. 

    My name is Trent Henderson and I'm excited to have joined the staff here in November.  I am working to assess the ability levels of each student and group and move forward with quality music education.  Within the standards of music education are requirements for Singing, Playing instruments, reading and notating music, understanding music in relation to history and other cultural relations and evaluating performances to name a few.  We plan to touch on all of these areas.  Different classes will address some standards heavier than others.  I am looking forward to continuing to make music at Tutt Middle School.  

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