6th Grade- (see 6th Grade Distance Learning Tab for more details)

    • Students will create a book of the major countries we have studied Due April 27. 

    • Students have a weekly assignment on TEAMS Vocabulary based. Assigned Sunday, due Saturday.

    • Videos posted on youtube every Monday, Wednesday and Friday via link on TEAMS.

    • Meetings via TEAMS Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 10- 10:30 am

    • Live games announced through Remind- Quizlet & Kahoot


    7th Grade- (see 7th Grade Distance Learning Tab for more details)

    • Students are working on Communist China Project- Red Book. Due April 27.

    • Students have one online USA Test Prep assignment per week. Assigned Sunday, due Saturday.

    • Meetings via TEAMS Wednesday and Friday @ 10- 10:30 am

    • Videos posted on youtube via link on TEAMS with resources for their project. 

      Long March (posted 3/18/20)

      Great Leap Forward

      Cultural Revolution

      Red Guard

      Little Red Book

      Deng Xiaoping

      Four Modernizations


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