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    Summer Vaction is finally over and soon we will be back in school for 2020-2021 school year. I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you hello and welcome to Diamond Lakes Elementary. A school that is a cut above, and have teachers that really care about your child. I am proud to say that I am one of those teachers. I hope you will feel free to reach out to me whenever you have questions about your child's well being and academic concerns. I know this year will be a little different because of COVID-19, but know this we will do everything we can possibly do to keep your child safe to include prayer.                                 

     As a parent, you too play an important role in our school/parent community. With support and encouragement at home, your child will experience much success with the guidance of the parent(s) and teacher(s). This will help them to feel comfortable and confidence in school.

    I look forward to working with you through the joys and challenges during this school year. You may call me on either of these numbers 706 560-0768 or 706 267-3478. My e-mail is simmoca@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us. I will be available to assist you with any questions or to help your child with any problems they may have during the hours of 7:45-3:15. Please feel free to call, text, or e-mail me with any questions you may have. Be safe and know that I will be their for you and your child.






    Title: Special Education Teacher

    Room: 412

    Phone: 706 267-3478

    E-Mail: simmoca@richmond.k12.ga.us

    Office Hours

    Tutoring: You have to set up an appointment

    Conferences: by appointment during planning time only.