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    To be good at mathematics, students must learn to translate real-life situations to mathematical models and obtain solutions. To develop these skills, mathematical concepts will be taught with an emphasis on real-world application, technology, and 21st Century Skills (including creativity/innovation, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, and decision‐making) through cross-curricular interaction. Each student will demonstrate mastery of the standards covered in this course and explain their mathematical reasoning in a variety of representations. Questions like “How do you solve for the unknown?” “How do you graph a situation that you encounter in your own life?” and “How can I use math to make my life easier?” will be addressed throughout the course.


    Algebra 1A (A1A) and Algebra 1A Support are taken simultaneously, and each one is a HIGH SCHOOL COURSE earning ½ credit apiece. In A1A, our topics include Geometric Transformations, Exponents, Linear Equations and Inequalities, and Linear Functions. A1A Support provides additional learning opportunities for students in A1A.