Aprender a distancia

Please see your regular SPANISH level link on the tab to the left for detailed assignments.


    ¡Muy bien!

    We have arrived to the last week of Distance Learning. Thank you for being patient with the newances of Pearson LearningBridge and to DL in general. I was happy to try to figure out our glitches and to answer your questions. The work you did in Q4 will be counted as a bonus to your Q1-Q2-Q3 average. There will be no final exam, of course. 

    We have accomplished so much this (shorter) year. We have learned new Spanish while reutilizing what we had learned. We all read books in Spanish which enriched our vocabulary and our knowledge of culture of different Spanish-speaking places. Level 1 read their very first book and spoke more and more Spanish. Level 2 wrote and read about their childhood. Level 3 read a classic simplified book to magnify vocabulary and enhance sentence building. Level 4 read 3 books building vocabulary and cultural awareness. 

    As we return in the fall, we will have a new and inproved environment. Our walls will be freshly painted and  we'll have brand new floors and ceilings. I am looking forward to seeing each of you as soon as we can. 

    To our seniors, I wish you all the best and strength to handle adversity. "Oh, the places you'll go!"

    ~Profe <3





     Dear Parents/Guardians/Students,

    Due to the unexpected closure of schools for COVID 19, final course averages will be calculated by averaging coursework completed before the closure on March 16th 2020 (The Q1-2-3 average as per grades on March 19 report card). In addition, teachers will consider the overall body of work completed during Q4 Distance Learning and complete a final grade override if the work causes the student’s final numeric average to improve.

    *If you are satisfied with your current 3rd Nine Week average (averaging Q1-Q2-Q3) in Spanish and would like to maintain that average, please respond likewise on the Google FORM linked at the top of this Distance Learning page by Monday, April 20th 2020.

    *If you would like to continue to work on assignments that will potentially improve your average in SPANISH, (let Q4 Distance Learning help) please respond with that choice on the Google Form link at the top of this page as by Monday, April 20th 2020.

    It has truly been my pleasure to share Spanish with you this year. I wish you well. See you when we can!

    ¡Mil gracias!    <3 ~Profe                                              





    THIS WEEK PLEASE LOOK ON INFINITE CAMPUS AND MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A GRADE FOR ALL ASSIGNMENTS SO FAR. If you complete anything from before this week on Pearson EasyBridge, please let me know to look for it as it doesn't automatically tell me. If you still need to, please use SPRING BREAK time to catch up as there will not be any new assignments during the break. You can complete ALL your distance learning work from this Quarter 4. Let's get it done BEFORE spring break so that we can all relax, ; )

    In an effort to keep students ­doing what they are used to in Spanish, we will keep the same weekly plans that I normally send out on Sundays. I post them on the Spanish 1,2,3,4 tabs to the left on this Davidson Website and I also try to send the weekly schedule to students via Remind for their class.

    In addition, we will have assignments from the text book/workbook like we usually do except they are provided to us by the text book publisher on-line. Please be patient as this platform is new to us all. Please send me questions via Remind M-F 8-4.

    For the on-line activities assigned, students simply need to go to their LaunchPad, click on the icon for Pearson EasyBridge, go to classes, and click on assignments. Make sure to click ALL the way through the activity and check your answers BEFORE clicking SUBMIT.

    I am giving students a very generous due date for completing these assignments as I know lots of other things are going on.

    Again, This platform is new for all of us, so please be patient as we work out any kinks : )