•  Milton
    Takiwi Milton-Babalola
    Coordinator - Mathematics
    Phone: 706.826.1102
    Amelia Barnes
    Prof. Learning Facilitator:
    Phone: 706.826.1102
    Alethea Coleman
    Prof. Learning Facilitator
    Phone: 706.826.1102
    Dr. Austrai Bradley
    Prof. Learning Facilitator
    Phone: 706.826.1102

Welcome to the Mathematics Department

  • The Mathematics Department is committed to excellence in mathematics teaching and learning for all students and the successful implementation of the comprehensive Rigorous Curriculum and Knowledge Through Grade 12 (RCK12) Curriculum. Our goal to provide our students with a quality education that allows them to compete in a competitive global world with interactions that include mathematical literacy in the four-core domain of mathematics: numbers and operations, algebra, geometry, and data analysis/probability.  


    The RCK12 Curriculum is grounded in the belief that all students can and should be mathematically proficient. Students will learn important mathematical concepts, skills, and relationships with understanding. 


    Mathematical proficiency is the expectation for all! 



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