• American Literature


    Programs we will use on Launch Pad:

    • turnitin.com

    • Revision Assistant

    • USATest Prep

    • Blended Learning

    • Pearson Textbook


    Click on the American Literature link for announcements, project handouts, and other resources.


    Look at the calendar for all due dates and what you should be doing. Click on the other links for assignments/instructions for poetry responses.


    There usually is an End-of-Course test for this class which will count for 20% of the student's yearly average. HOWEVER, the state may dismiss this requirement for the 2019-2020 school year. I will let you know when I know what we're doing.


    Email and Remind is the best way to contact me. Along with teaching, I am a co-sponsor for the Class of 2020 and the Poetry Club sponsor.


    American Literature      10th Grade

    Class Schedule:

    8:15–8:25 10th Grade HR

    8:30–9:25 (1st period) American Lit.

    9:30–10:25 (2nd period) American Lit.

    10:30–11:25 Planning

    11:30–11:55 4A Lunch Duty

    12:00–12:25 Planning

    12:30–1:25 (5th period) American Lit.

    1:30–2:25 (6th period) American Lit.

    2:30–3:25 (7th period) American Lit.



  • Mrs. April Mills


    Remind: text @mills233 to 81010

    Grades: 10 

    American Literature 

    I will check my email during the day from 8 am to 4 pm and sometimes later.

    I will respond to your message faster using Remind if it is a text.