• This week's PT Challenge:

    Odd hours do as many pushups as possible.  Even hours do as many crunches as possible.

    example:  9 AM: Push ups

                         10 AM:  Crunches

    Who's with me?!?

     Send me a email if you're in!

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  • Distance Learning!!

    Welcome Westside NJROTC Cadets.  I hope that you are enjoying your time away from the school.  But just in case you miss our normal routine I will be  uploading some things to help keep you busy.  Please look below, each NS level that corresponds to you has 2 attachments;  1. Powerpoint 2. Quiz.  Click on title to review powerpoint and then complete and email both Senior Chief Vick and PO Jones your completed quiz.  You can highlight your answers on provided quiz, or attach a word doc with your answers, the choice is yours.  Pay attention to due dates also listed below, grades go in Monday by 12pm!   

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  • Senior Chief
    Name Senior Chief Shawn Vick
    Email: vicksh@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us
    Grade(s):9 -12
    Subject(s):Naval Science 1 - 4