• Teacher's 2019-2020 Motto:

    "Grow by taking ownership of your own learning even when no one is looking.  You will naturally become successful and a life long learner. 

    - Ms. Mack, Engineering, Drafting, and Technology Teacher, Technology Student Association/TSA Advisor



  • COVID-19 Distance Education Reminders


    LOG IN TO...... Google Classroom daily to review instructions and submission requirements!!!

    Google Classroom (click this link)

    Note:  *Submit slideshow only to the assignment called EOPA Slides to recieve grade.  Do not unsubmit until you've been graded on the last standard's slides. (SEE SUBMISSION DEADLINES BELOW)


    *Google Classroom assignment posts, and/or grading will be made during the times of 6th period planning (2:20-3:20). 

    *Parents email me directly for any clarifications on what your child should be working on for the day.  Email checks will be made throughout the day (i.e. between the hours of 8am-4pm).


    *The state will not require the administration of EOPAs this school year, however the standards are assigned to correlate with the standards aligned to the course each student is taking. 




    EOPA Review Slides Timeline and Submission Dates:

    Standard 1 Slides:  were due 3/9

    Standard 2 Slides:  3/20

    Standard 3 Slides:  3/23-3/31

    Standard 4 Slides:  4/1-4/17

    Standard 5 Slides:  4/21-4/30


Google classroom is used daily for all preps to access assignments, instructions, and grading/submission requirements.
  • LEVEL UP to Professional HabitsEvery Wednesday is Wear-It-Wednesday at ARJ!!!

    3 Business Casual Categories

    Category 1.  Tops - Button downs, golf shirt, blouse (NO T'S WITHOUT A BLAZER OR SWEATER, NO DENIM, NO HOODIE, OR NO TRACK JACKET)

    Category 2.  Bottoms - black, khaki, blue, gray, or color dress pants (NO DENIM/JEANS, NO JOGGER, NO SWEATPANTS)

    Category 3.  Shoes - one/two-tone shoes in neutral colors/canvas/dri-fit stretch/leather shoe (NO MULTI-COLOR ATHLETIC/SPORTS SHOE)



pictured below: student participants in Ms. Mack's classes for Wear-It-Wednesday

5th Period Engineering Concepts' Student in their attire for WEAR-IT-Wednesday 11/20/19
Students in Survey of Engineering of Graphics participating in Wear-it-Wednesday on 11/1
Foundations of Engineering Technology Students for wear it wednesday
Introduction to Drafting and Design Students business casual for Wear-It-Wednesday on 11/6/19
On 11/6 students in 1st period pictured for Wear-It-Wednesday

  • !!!!Congrats to the Highest Averages for Q2 in:

    3D Modeling and Analysis - Alexandria Owens, Senior

    Intro to Drafting and Design - Carter Evans, Freshman

    Survey of Engineering Graphics - Adam Ennafil-Massa, Sophomore

    Foundations of Engineering - Nikkolus Campbell, Sophomore

    Engineering Concepts - Owen Cameron, Sophmore



    Use Google Classroom Daily for Assignments, Instructions, and Submissions. 





    • Late work must be turned in within 10 days of the original assignment date! (-5 Points per day deducted off the grade)


    • Makeup Work must be completed within 10 days of returning to school for excused/unexcused absences!!!


    • Q1 PPS Scores will be averaged with Q2 PPS!!! 


    • Use Google Classroom daily!!!




    Important Q3 Dates for ALL Preps!

    • Mandatory Wear-It-Wednesday counts for professionalism/participation grade (15%) - Every Wednseday through May!



    January - February:  Event Projects and Presentations on February 21st (individual and teams) 


    March - EOPA Review and/or Unit Book Studies


    April - Spring Portfolio Submissions that includes CAD Drawings, CAD Operator's Workshops, and Virtual Mentoring Lab Interviews


    May - Exam Reviews