• Distance Learning Week of 3/30-4/02 2020 ***IN SCHOOLOGY***

    Programming, Games, & Apps in Society Assignment: In Codehs.com, complete Unit 4.1: Booleans in Intro to Python by 04/02/2020.


    AP Computer Science Principles: Draft Create Performance Task due in College Board AP Digital Portfolio by 04/02/2020.


    Computer Science Principles: In Codehs.com, complete all of Unit 3: Basic Python and Console Interaction by 04/02/2020.


    *ALL* Introduction to Digital Technology: Review Problem Solving & Game Development.pdf, watch video from Schoology and summarize video by 04/02/2020.


    During the standdown of normal in-person school/classroom learning, the following will be implemented:


    Expectations for Distance Learning:

    Students are expected to continue checking Schoology for updates

    (Notifications for the classes should be turned on).

    Lectures & assignments will be provided to students via Schoology Monday through Friday (8:30am-4:30pm).


    Communicating with Mr. Shears:

    If students/parents need to contact Mr. Shears, please use Remind, Schoology or E-mail.   Assignment will be posted & graded in Schoology then Infinite Campus Grade Book.


    Christopher Shears