Bienvenue dans ma classe de Français
    Name: Mr. F. Bauhy
    Email: bauhyfi@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us
    Google voice: 404-913-1325
    Grade(s): 9th - 12th Grade
    Subject(s): French I and French II
    Tutoring: Currently not available due to Distance Learning Days

    During this time of Distance Learning due to school shutdowns:

    1) Students and parents can contact me at the remind links below between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM Monday through Friday and I will respond as soon as possible.

    2) Students are expected to work an hour a day on learning and memorizing the new vocabulary and their meaning. Students should complete edpuzzle, Duolingo or outlook assignments by the due date.

    3) I will be monitoring daily progress and putting in at least 2 grades per week as required based on the work assigned.


    NO Tutoring until further notice of course.

    Remind 101, Edpuzzle and Duolingo  Links can be found below. Please if you haven't already joined, select the link for the class period your child will attend.

    Student Links for Remind:
    French I - 1st Period or text @mrbauhyf to 81010
    French I - 2nd Period or text @mtbauhyfre to 81010
    French II - 3rd Period or text @mrbauhyfr to 81010
    French II - 4th Period or text @fbauh to 81010
    French II - 6th Period or text @fbauhy to 81010
    Student Links for Edpuzzle:
    French I - 1st Period class code: teprois
    French I - 2nd Period class code: nommufi
    French II - 3rd Period class code: sulnasz
    French II - 4th Period class code: totenew
    French II - 6th Period class code: ujugidp
    Student Links for Duolingo:
    French I - 1st Period class code MQMUKN
    French I - 2nd Period class code AAKZBJ
    French II - 3rd Period class code QEBUAQ
    French II - 4th Period class code XMGMPT
    French II - 6th Period class code CPKTCM