• Welcome to School Year 2021-21!

    I am excited to teach our young scholars this academic year.  We have experienced many interruptions and changes in our schooling due to the world pandemic; however, as a committed teacher, I pledge to get our scholars through it all with reverence and support.  The young scholars will be better writers and test-takers at the courses that I am teaching this semester.  As we transition into this new school year, scholars will be involved in engaging and innovative practices that will improve their academic performance.


    My teaching schedule is as follows:


    7:30 - 8:10  1st Period (Advanced Composition)

    8:15 - 8:55  2nd Period (Advanced Composition)

    9:00 - 9:40  3rd Period (SAT Preparation)

    9:45 - 10:25 4th Period (Planning)

    10:30 -12:45 5th Period (SAT Preparation)

    12:30 -  1:25 6th Period (Advanced Composition)

      1:30 -  2:30 7th Period (Advanced Composition)


    Contact information:

    Ms. Pamela Thomas

    Email: thomapa@richmond.k12.ga.us