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  • email: brandmo@richmond.k12.ga.us


  • What does it take to be successful in life?

    How do our habbits effect our lives?

    What is a growth mindset, and how does it help us develop grit?


    These are the inspiring and innovative essential questions we will be exploring over the next 9 weeks! By the end of this unit, my students will be able to:

    • Write an informative essay
    • cite explicit and inferred textual evidence
    • summarize the central idea of a test
    • analyze in detail how events or ideas are introduced
    • compare and contrast one author's presentation of a topic with that of another
    • express their ideas clearly in a collaborative discussion and use knowledge of language with speaking, writing, reading, or listening.

    This Unit we will be diving into informational text and text with a motivational message as we delve into our goals and dreams in observance of our essential questions. 

    Class Novel: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Convey

    Independent Reading Books: Nonfiction Memoir/ Autobiography of someone they admire

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  • As we wrap up our Narrative writing unit, the students are compiling an anthology in groups of four based on a theme from the class novel Holes. They are then creating their own narrative in which they are using the narrative techniques we've learned over the past 9 weeks. The students with exemplary narratives will have their stories displayed in our school library. I am so proud of the hardowrk the students have put into our narrative unit and I can't wait to show off their creativity and skills!

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