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    Ms . Pope’s Social Studies Class     


    Live Honorably. Act Humbly. Model Dignity.


    Welcome to GHMS! I am thrilled to begin our journey as a learning community! Our class will study topics such as physical and human geography, economics, government, cultural traits, and current events, and will explore how these impact the world we live in and interact with every day.



    A Little Bit About Ms. Pope.

    This is my 12th year working for the Richmond County Board of Education, 3rd year at GHMS. I have a B.S. in Psychology and a Master’s in Education.  My hobbies are reading and exercising. My favorite sports are track and field and football. My love for history began when I was in the 7th grade. I knew that I would have a career in the Education field by the time I began my 9th grade year in High School.


     A Week in Social Studies Class

    My goal this year is to develop strong relationships within the classroom where students feel comfortable taking risks while developing responsible behaviors and ownership of their learning. Literacy integration of into the context of social studies also brings relevance and the vital need for effective communication. Class consists of whole class instruction and discussion, small group/partner practice and application, independent work, and assessments.


    What will you learn about in SOCIAL STUDIES?


    Physical Geography and Social Studies Skills: Focus on North America landforms, natural resources, natural disasters, climate and vegetation, maps, charts, graph skills, Five Themes of Geography (Location, Movement, Regions, Place, and Interaction) research, primary and secondary sources, and citations


    Human Geography: characteristics of culture, human environment interaction, migration, emigration/immigration, adapt and modify, and globalization.


    Government: Limited and unlimited forms, processes, and citizenship.


    Economics: Factors of production, foreign policies, developed vs. developing, entrepreneurship, and globalization.


    Current Events are integrated in to all units of study. CNN Student News is utilized on an almost daily basis. This reinforces learning and provides real world connections.


    The study of the continents, oceans, and countries are integrated into all units of study.






    Ms. Valecia Pope, M.Ed.


    8th Grade Social Studies Teacher