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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

  • e-mail: washico@richmond.k12.ga.us

  • Here are your options for the rest of the year:

    • Look at your grade that's in for the 4Q If it is lower than your 3Q grade - Keep the 3Q


    • If your 4Q grade is higher than what you made in the 3Q - I'll replace 3Q with 4Q.


    • If you want to improve your 4Q grade even more, then continue to turn in work. The 4Th Q grades will only go up as you turn in more work.


    • no more work is required, unless you want your grade to be higher. If you failed on your 3Q and are failing now, keep doing the work.



    Continue working on USA TEST PREP for this week. All USA TEST PREP work is due by May 8th. If you can't get in, let me know.





    Also - Send me your own Personal research on the following topic (2 Paragraphs): How will the Economic Stimulus Bill help - Individuals, Struggling businesses, and Local/State Governments? 

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  • AP WH Test will be on Thurs. May 21st at 2 PM. Since the school is closed, you can take it at home.


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  • No new work will be assigned in order for students to catch up on their assignments. Check Infinite Campus to see what grades you are missing.

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