Miss Tann's EBD Class

  • Greetings Students and Parents,

    I am excited to have each of you as apart of my class and the Merry Dragon's family for the 20-21 school year. Each parent and student will have login information to the class dojo portal where I will send out weekly newsletters. We will focus on individual creative learning that is geared around your child's learning style, achieving individual education goals, and interventions that will facilitate a positive learning environment. 

  • Contact Information

    (706) 737-7185



    I connect with my parents through class dojo portal. Each family will receive a code for login at the beginning of school year. 

  • Supply List

    1. 1 Composition Notebook
    2. Three Ring Binder 
    3. 2 Wide Rule Notebooks
    4. No. 2 Pencils ( No Mechanical Pencils)
    5. Red Pen
    6. 1 Poster board
    7. crayons
    8. colored pencils
    9. a pair of earbuds
  • HomeWork

    Homework will be distributed at various time to assist with reinforcement of our lessons. Homework will be distributed via student folder, please check and sign off upon receipt. Sometimes homework will be interactive and will be posted within the class dojo portal.

  • Learning With Canvas

    Canvas is a learning tool that we use as well and there are many informative links to better assist you with how to utilize it. Below is a link for orientation pertaining to Elementary grade levels.