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    The District Instructional Coaches are committed to working with the Academic Support Specialists and teachers as collaborative partners to create and deliver high-quality instruction for every student.
    We provide job-embedded professional development to facilitate reflection and action for the continuous improvement of teaching and learning.

About Us

  • Shontae Cogle           Angela Jenkins      Ashley Holaway

    Shontae Cogle, Ed. D.                               Angela Jenkins, Ed. S.                                    Ashley Holaway
    Instructional Coach, Area 1                     Instructional Coach, Area 2                          Instructional Coach, Area 3
    706-826-1102 Ext. 5637                           706-826-1102 Ext. 4998                                706-826-1102 Ext. 6202
    CogleSh@BOE.Richmond.K12.Ga.Us     JenkiAn1@BOE.Richmond.K12.Ga.Us        HolawAs@BOE.Richmond.K12.Ga.Us