• Welcome Students and Parents,


    My name is Ms. Young. I have the opportunity and pleasure of teaching 6th grade English Language Arts and Social Studies this year. Prior to this year, I taught 12th grade British Literature and AP Literature. I enjoy teaching because I always think back on the influences my teachers or professors had in my life. While they were not always the best, each experience taught me something valuable about life and people. The teachers or professors that sowed into my life the most were the ones who held me accountable. Therefore, I am BIG on accountability. Accountability is not a punishment-it is a learning experience.

    I coach sports (soccer, baseball, lacrosse, basketball, and softball). I love sports and understand the growth a student can have when they have the right resources and support. I enjoy working out- as it keeps my mind and body sharp. I am diverse in every-way a person can be. I often travel for business and experience. I have been to some amazing places and often will reflect on those places with my class.  I recently went to the White House and had dinner with the President (However, I have had dinner with two Presidents in my lifetime). My most loved place to visit is NASA. Yes, I have been to NASA!!! I also scuba dive in my free time. The ocean is a beautiful place, and the least explored place by humans. I am an avid snowboarder and often kayak in my free time. 

    "The most important thing a person can have is an education. With the right exposure, guidance, love for thy-self, self-determination, and motivation there is no limit on what you can do or achieve".- Ms. Young 


    It is of great significance that "WE" (Teachers, Students, and Parents) work together for the higher purpose of providing students with the support they need to succeed. I am pleased to have your support and participation moving forward. My goal is to allow your child to dream, and I will not limit that. We will have fun in my class. Learning is supposed to be fun and liberating. In my class, students will have every opportunity to succeed! Please refer to my syllabus for more information regarding my course. All links will be provided below. 


    My main form of communication will be via email. Please allow me time to accommodate your student with all appropriateness. 


    Email: youngta@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us



    "Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today."- Malcolm X. 

                       you got it boss