Degrees and Certifications:

BA is Secondary ED. Psychology and Economics From Indiana University in 2014

Mr. Trivett



Mark Trivett


My name is Mr. Trivett, this is my third year at Glenn Hills, I teach economics and financial literacy. It is my passion to positively impact those that I come in contact with everyday and that includes my students. We will start this semester covering personal finance, and work through Economic fundamentals, Micro and Macro economics. If you have any questions my contact info is below, the Welcome Letter and the Syllabus are also on the site. With clear and constant communication this school year will be a success!


Phone: (706) 796-4924

The best way to get updates daily and contact me on short notice is by joining my remind classes. Each period has a code to enter. Each class will be Titled (Econ, Class Period, F2F or Online depending if it is a face to face or online class)


My office hours are

2:30-3:00 Monday and Wednesday

1:40-2:30 Wednesdays




First 9 Weeks

                Unit 0- Review, preview, get brains ready to learn from all the off time. See where the students are and where we need to go.

                Unit 1- Fundamental of Economics

                Explain why limited productive resources and unlimited wants result in scarcity, opportunity cost and tradeoffs for individuals, businesses and governments; how rational decision making entails comparing the marginal benefits and the marginal costs of an action, explain how specialization and voluntary exchange between buyers and sellers increase the satisfaction of both parties, compare and contrast different economic systems, and explain how they answer the three basic economic questions of what to produce, how to produce and for whom to produce, and describe roles of government in a market economy.

                Unit 2- Microeconomics

                Describe how households, businesses, and governments are interdependent and interact through flow of goods, services, and money, explain the Law of Demand, the Law of Supply, prices, and profits work to determine production and distribution in a market economy, explain the organization and role of business and analyze the four types of market structures in the U.S. economy

Second 9 Weeks

                Unit 3- Macroeconomics:

Explain that overall levels of income, employment and prices are determined by the spending and production decision of households, business, government and net exports, define Gross Domestic Product (GDP), economic growth, unemployment, Consumer Price Index (CPI), inflation, stagflation and aggregate supply and aggregate demand, explain how economic growth, inflation and unemployment are calculated, identify structural, cyclical and frictional unemployment.

                Unit 4- International Economy

Explain how changes in exchange rates can impact the purchasing power of individuals in the United States and in other countries, will explain why individuals, businesses and governments trade goods and services, explain why countries sometimes erect trade barriers and sometimes advocate free trade.

                Unit 5- Personal Finance

Apply rational decision making to personal spending and saving choices, explain that banks and other financial institutions are businesses that channel funds from savers to investors, explain how changes in monetary and fiscal policy can have an impact on an individual’s spending and saving choices, evaluate the costs and benefits of using credit, describe how insurance and other risk-management strategies protect against financial loss, describe how the earnings of workers are determined in the marketplace.