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    Social Studies Syllabus

    6th Grade  

    Mr. Hunt

    Welcome! We will learn about other cultures, as well as our own, and we will study how historic events shaped our modern world. This school year we will cover Europe, Canada, Australia, Latin America, and Your Financial Future.

    Contact Information:



    Infinite Campus:  All student grades and attendance are online.  The parents receive a code from the guidance department. This is the best way to keep up with your student’s grades.

    Notebook: To help ensure success, all students are required to keep an organized notebook that will be checked at random throughout the year. This should be a 3-ring binder divided into sections for each unit.


    The following will be used in the grading procedure:

    Projects 20% 

    Tests 25%                  

    Quizzes 20%                   

    Class work 20%

    Homework 5%

    Participation 5%

    Grading Scale: A=90-100 B=80-89 C=75-79 D=70-74 below 70 = 0



    Supplies Needed:

    Personal headphones (for videos, on technology days)

    Three-ring binder

    Pack of dividers

    Loose leaf paper

    Black/Blue ink pens

    No. 2 pencils

    Colored pencils or Markers


    Classroom Policies/ Procedures

    Late Work: I accept late work, but there will be a penalty. For each day that an assignment is late, 5 points will be subtracted from the grade. If the assignment is never turned in, the grade will be 0.  

    Make-up work must be completed and turned in within five days of an absence.  Students are responsible for checking with the teacher with any questions about make-up work.

    ***Students are to be in the classroom at bell time!

    ***No cell phones are to be used in the classroom, unless permission is granted. Periodically, cell phones are used for an assignment.

    Classroom Rules:

    1. All rules for the Richmond County School System and W.S. Hornsby Middle School must be followed.
    2. Be respectful to everyone in the room.
    3. Remain in your seat unless you are conducting class business, such as turning work in, sharpening a pencil, going to the trash can, etc. Ask permission before getting out of your seat!
    4. Keep hands, feet, books, and objects to yourself
    5. Do not write on desks or otherwise damage school property or my personal property.
    6. Profanity, rude gestures, cruel teasing or put downs are not permitted.
    7. Keep your area neat. Throw away any trash near your desk unless I tell you not to do so.
    8. Take your books, paper, and other belongings with you when you leave the classroom. Throw away any trash you have at this time.
    9. Do not get out of your seat just because the bell rings. Wait until I dismiss the class.



    1- Warning

    2- Call Home

    3- Detention

    4- Parent Conference

    5- Referral to Guidance/ Administration


    Severe disruptions:  Some infractions may warrant immediate detention or referral.

    I strongly encourage students and parents to come to me with any concerns, or questions using the following contact information below.

    Contact Information: HuntLa@richmond.k12.ga.us

     Telephone Number-706-823-6928

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