I use as my primary source for communicating with students and parents.  All students have an EDMODO account.  I guided them through this process during the first week of school.  Parents can easily log on (see instructions below).

    About EDMODO:

    • All assignments are posted on the homepage with details and attachments for each assignment.  These are also mirrored on the assignment board in the classroom.
    • Assignment calendar with all monthly activities.
    • On-Line WORD document is available for those who do not have access to Microsoft Office Suite.  
    • "BackPack" for storing documents and retreiving them for editing.
    • Message board is SAFE.  Students can only contact me privately.  All other dialogue is shared with the community.  
    • Student FOLDER:  All class handouts are posted in the FOLDER tab for easy download and copying at home.  
    • My EDMODO site is not confidential and is open to the public.  NOTE:  Only students can participate in dialogue.  Parents are assigned to "Read Only", as are other educators. Parents can contact me via my e-mail. 
    • 9 Literature PARENTS, to log on at use the following username and password:  USERNAME -- sumnerparent    PW -- sumner
    • IB Parents, to log on at use the following username and password:       USERNAME -- ibparentsumner PW -- sumner


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  • Thomas Sumner

    The Academy of Richmond County

    Augusta, Georgia

    Ninth-Grade Literature

    International Baccalaureate English A

    IB Theory of Knowledge (Course A)

    Thomas Sumner 
    International Baccalaureate English A
    9th Grade Literature
    IB Theory of Knowledge B