Ms. Stephanie D. Smith


    Email: SmithSt1@richmond.k12.ga.us



    I would like to take this time to thank you for the opportunity to educate your child(ren) here at Hephzibah High School. Almost a year later…and we are still here. I want you to know that I empathize with you and your family because all of us have been affected by this pandemic, many of us have lost loved ones.

    Here at Hepzibah High we have adopted the compassion over compliance mantra. I want you to know that aside from offering your child(ren) the best education possible, -I care-about all of you! Please read the following questions and answer them so that I will be able to hear and feel your heart. Click on the blue link below, enable editing, save and email your saved copy to me.


    Compassion over Compliance


    My teaching schedule:


    7:30-8:10- 1st Period

    8:15-8:55- 2nd Period

    9:00-9:40- Teacher Planning Period

    9:45-10:25- Available for Students, Parents, Tutoring

    10:30-12:45 5th Period (Including Lunch Period)

    12:30-1:25- 6th Period

    1:30-2:30- 7th Period