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Miss Ms. Angela Goodman

Dear 4th Grade Super Scholar,


                Hi there!  This is Ms. Goodman, your 4th teacher.  I am excited about the journey of learning what fourth grade is all about.  Let me tell you that you’re in for an adventure!  It will be one filled with a lot of fun meeting curriculum, new friendships, a growth mindset to help you tackle new challenges and surprise yourself with what you CAN do, and a teacher who is very excited to support you in making it a truly memorable school year!  I will often refer to you as a Super Scholar.  We will discuss the meaning of that phrase and how we can truly represent it when we have some of our class meetings.

                I can wait until we meet on the first day of school.  I hope your summer was filled with as many fun adventures, discoveries, and fun tales to tell as mine was.  If you have any questions or information for your teacher, feel free to email me at the address below.  Hopefully, I get a chance to see you at our school Open House, too!  The classroom and our wonderful Wilkinson Garden building are ready to welcome you, and I’m very excited to greet you and get to know you more.  Until then, have fun, enjoy time outside, and share many smiles and laughs with those around you!  See you soon!





Ms. Angela Goodman


Ms. Angela Goodman
4th grade

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