• Teacher: Mrs. Johnson

    Email:  johnska1@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us


    8th Grade Math  

    Supplies:   Scientific Calculator (suggest TI-30XIIs), Graph Paper, Line Paper, Pencils and Erasers

    Honors Algebra 1

    Supplies:  Graphing Calculator (suggest TI-84 Plus), Graph Paper, Line Paper, Pencils and Erasers


    Grading Policy                                                 Grading Weights
    A              90 - 100                                         Tests                                                      50%
    B              80 - 89                                           Quizzes                                                  25%
    C              75 - 79                                           Assignments, Homework, Projects            25%
    D              70 - 74
    Fail          Below 70


    Student Expectations

    • Students are expected to enter the classroom quietly, be seated, and begin work on the daily Quiz. 
    • Students will follow posted behavior requirements throughout the class period:
      • Respect Yourself
      • Respect Your Classmates
      • Respect Your Classroom
    • Students will exit the classroom quietly and in an orderly manner.
    • Students will adhere to Code of Conduct as outlined in the RCSS Student Handbook.