This page will include information about the chorus and band classes being taught here at Glenn Hills High School.

Daily Schedule

  • 1st Period 7:35am-8:25am Beginning Chorus In-Person

    2nd Period 8:30am-9:20am Advanced Chorus Virtual

    3rd Period 9:25am-10:15am Planning Period

    4th Period 10:20am-11:10am Beginning Band Virtual

    5th Period 11:15am-12:40pm Advanced Band Virtual

    6th Period 12:45pm-1:35pm Beginning Band In-Person

    7th Period 1:40pm-2:40pm Advanced Band In-Person 

Teacher Contact Information

Instructor and Course Locations

  • The instructor for all band and chorus classes will be Mr.Williams. 

    These classes will take place in the bandroom and virtually. If the location changes for any class you will be notified on CANVAS and REMIND. 


Office Hours

  • Face to Face- 3:00pm-3:30pm

    Virtual- Appointment only and the meeting will be virtual via Microsoft Teams.

Learn @ Home Assignment


    Rough Draft&Final Submission

    Musicians with considerable contributions to music



     For this assignment you are to research the following composers, and musicians listed and complete all parts listed below under submission.


    Composers and artists

    1. Joseph Bologne

    2. Michael Jackson

    3.The Beattles

    4.Earth Wind and fire

    5.Hector Berlioz


    Things to put in your submission

    1. Where were they from.

    2. The genre of music they were associated with. 

    3. Some pieces they were famous for. 

    4. Something you think makes them stand out. 

    5. How they compare and contrast with another artist/Composer listed above. 



    This assignment can be completed and submitted on CANVAS or done by hand and submitted in-person.

    Each artist(s)/Composer is to receive 1 paragraph and each paragraph MUST have at least 6 sentences. 

    Due dates

    Rough draft due:  January 21st

    Final submission due: January 28th