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Ms. Rosalind Santhanam

I am Mrs. Santhanam. I am your Geometry teacher. I welcome you to the new school year. Let us explore the joy of learning. I am excited to have you in my class.

Face to Face Students Learn from Home Assignments: November 16-20, 2020


Work Book :  Pages 400,401,402

Quiz           : 5 Questions

                   (Unit 2 :Review) 





1.Madelyn is using a triangle to make a sign for his bedroom door. The triangle has angle measures of 107 degrees and 38 degrees. What is the measure of the third angle?

A.145 degrees.

B. 35 degrees

C.215 degrees

D.31 degrees 


2.An Isosceles right triangle has a 90 degree angle and 2 equal acute angles. What is the measure of each of the acute angles in this triangle ?

A. 45 degrees.

B.144 degrees.

C. 36 degrees.

D.108 degrees.


3.Define Parallelogram

A.a quadrilateral with exactly one pair of parallel sides.

B.a polygon with opposite sides parallel and congruent.

C.a multiple quadrilateral with 4 congruent sides.

D.a quadrilateral with 4 right angles and opposite sides are congruent. 


4.3 angles of a quadrilateral are 110,120,50. What is the measure of the fourth angle?

A.60 degrees.

B.80 degrees.

C.70 degrees.

D.130 degrees.


5.Define Trapezoid.

A.exactly 90 degrees.

B.a polygon with 4 sides.

C.a quadrilateral with exactly one pair of parallel sides.

D.a quadrilateral with 4 sides.







  • All students must complete all assignments in canvas dates from 10/27/20 - 12/11/20.All assignments are open with late penalty though.

    Next weeks final exams will be conducted  as per the schedule in canvas.

    Exam Schedule


    Exam: 2nd Period

    Date : Tuesday

              Dec 15

    Time :8:55 - 10:15   

    Exam : 4th Period

    Date  : Wednesday

               Dec 16

    Time : 8:55 - 10:15

    Exam :5th Period

    Date  : Thursday

               Dec 17

    Time  :7:30 - 8:50

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