Distance Learning

Weekly Exercise

  • March 30- Perform 10 push-ups and 10 curl-ups...3 times today (How many times did you wash your hands today?)

    March 31- Perform 25 jumping jacks, 20 arm circles, 15 minute walk outside or in place, (What was your favorite game in PE? Write a short paragraph describing what was so fun about it.

    April 1- Jog for 10 minutes, perform 12 push-ups, and 12 curl-ups. (what is your favorite sport? search the interenet and learn 2 new skills involved in that sport.

    April 2- Perform 12 squats, 20 arm circles, and a 15 minute walk outside. (How much water did you drink today? Search the internet and discover how much water is in the human body.

    April 3- Walk for 20 minutes. Create a new game to play in  PE. Don't forget to add rules!

    April 6- Perform 15 push-ups and 15 curl-ups three times today.

    April 7- Practice a sport skill like dribbling or catching. How many times can you catch the ball before dropping it?

    April 8- Search the internet and find 2 stretches for your legs. Practice those stretches for 10 minutes.

    April 9- Teach a family member how to perform a correct push-up and challenge them to a competition. What are some exercises we can do in a chair?

    April 10- Go outside and run as long as you can without stopping. When you get tired, drink you a little water, then repeat once more.  Try to eat less sugar today.  Stay hydrated!