• Name: Teresa Clark

    Phone: .(762) 333-2125‬

    Email: ClarkTe@richomnd.k12.ga.us

    Degrees and Certifications:

    Bachelor of Arts in Sociology : Fayetteville State University.

    Associates of Arts in Early Childhood and certification in Advanced TESOL : Asworth College.



    A child is never too young to learn, go above the required or expected. Be exceptional!

    I believe in this for my child and your child as my student. :)

Special Education Teacher; Math & ELA

  • Hello everyone,


    I am super elated as this will be my first year teaching at Glenn Hills Middle school. I 've previously worked as a tutor for elementary grade students for 3 years in Lillington NC. Furthermore, I also taught as a beginners Spanish and Pre-Kindergarten teacher for 5 years and later worked as a Librarian Assistant of the Children Department here in Augusta, GA for 3 years until taking a 2 year leave from the workforce as I became a first time mother to a baby boy in 2019!! ( I would have returned to the workforce after a year;however, the pandemic began the following year.) Now here I am with GHMS. Working with children is rewarding. I look forward to passionately assisting students with success in mathematical proficiency here at Glenn Hills Middle Shcool, lets have a productive year!




    *I love painting and drawing; I have personal classroom/art room at home where I am training my son to embrace learning as well as art!

    * I find enjoyment with being organized, yes I label everything, use lots of storage containers, I can be a bit excessive.

    * I love cooking different Spanish and Caribbean dishes; I display my art skills in the kitchen as well!

    *I love to decorate be it for a classroom, photo shoots, birthday party I am the one usually friends and family call for ideas or setup.

    *I'm a youtuber; I record my sons educational journey. I am proud to have a 2-year-old who can count in both English and Spanish to 30, knows shapes such as rhombus, parallelogram, trapezoid, octagon… Knows his primary and secondary colors in English and Spanish, has ability to count objects, and work basic addition.. My Michael just turned 2, so yes I am a proud mother!!

    * I enjoy Sign Language. My son can sign a few letters as well as colors; I embraced Sign language my first year working as a Kindergarten Teacher. So this is something fun I do with my son!  A great skill to introduce to toddlers especially until child is able to verbally communicate. :)