• Optional Insurance  

    1. How to purchase:  See the attachment.  The enrollment instructions, plan information, and rates are outlined on the form
    1. Who should purchase: Optional insurance is purchased by the parent or the student’s guardian. A credit card or prepaid credit card is required to make the purchase. 
    1. Optional insurance coverage:  Optional insurance does not cover lost or accidental damaged.  If the device is stolen, a police report is required to file the claim.

      The device must meet one of the events listed in the plan shown in the picture below to be covered by optional insurance. (See the attachment)


    1. Optional Insurance Parts & Labor:  Parts and labor are covered if the device is repairable as a result of an event covered by the plan.


          Ex1: Natural Disasters - Earthquake and the screen is damaged. The screen is covered if it is repairable.  If the screen cannot be repaired, the device is

                                     covered by insurance and the device is replaced by the District.

          Ex2: Theft –  If the device Is stolen and can’t be found, A police report and a claim must be filed by the parent or guardian. 

          Ex3: Theft-  If the device is found and damaged, the device is covered by insurance.  A police report and a claim must be filed by the parent or guardian.

     Accidental Damage 

    Accidental Damaged is not covered by optional insurance


    Filing a Device Claim

    1. If the device is stolen or lost, contact Crystal James or Jason Parker to determine if the device can

    be discovered using our technology systems

    1. If the device cannot be discovered, the parent or guardian must file and provide a copy of a police report

    that includes the device serial number

    c.   Crystal James or Jason Parker will initiate the claim’s process

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