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Current Assignments

Past Due Assignments

There are no past due assignments.

  • Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps               

    Westside High School

    1002 Patriots Way

    Augusta, Georgia 30907

    706-868-4030 x 1109

    Naval Science Instructors

    Gunnery Sgt Kenneth Towns USMC (Ret) and PS1 (SW/FMF) Corey Jones, USN (Ret)


            NJROTC Naval Science I-IV and Leadership I-IV Classroom Syllabus


    Course Objective: To instill in students the values of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment.


    Weekly Schedule: Monday – Physical Fitness Training

    Tuesday – Classroom Academics and Military Drill

    Wednesday – Uniform Personnel Inspection and Military Instruction

    Thursday – Classroom Academics and Military Drill

    Friday – Physical Fitness Training


    Grading Policy :       60% Minor Grade (Military Aptitude, Personnel Inspection, Drill, and Participation)

                                      40% Major Grade (Academics, Quizzes, Test, Projects, and Physical Fitness)

    Cadets must request makeup work due to school/class absences, including missed personnel inspections and physical fitness training. There will be a 15-point deduction from a Cadet’s grade for work submitted 10 days after the due date. Each week afterwards, 10-points or a letter grade will be deducted.  


    Tutoring: Any Cadet can receive individual tutoring every Wednesday from 2:30 -3:15pm.


    Uniform Policy: Cadets will wear the uniform at least one full school day each Wednesday or as prescribed by NSI’s. Uniforms will be provided free of charge for each cadet.  The cadet is responsible for proper care and maintenance of the uniform, including dry cleaning as necessary. Uniform items will be replaced free of charge for normal wear and tear. Cadets are responsible for replacement costs of lost or damaged uniform items due to cadet neglect. Upon disenrollment or graduation from the NJROTC program, former cadets must return dry-cleaned uniforms as soon as possible. Failure to return the uniform will result in the student’s placement on the school fine list.

    Personal Appearance and Grooming: Cadet grooming standards, including haircuts/styles, facial hair, jewelry, cosmetics and general uniform wear, are located in the NJROTC Cadet Field Manual issued to each new cadet during the first 2 weeks of the school year. Cadets are required to meet all grooming regulations to remain enrolled in NJROTC.


    Required Paperwork: Annually, by 1 October cadets must turn in the following forms

    Sports Physical Evaluation (signed by family physician) – Required for a cadet to participate on any of the teams for NJROTC or any summer camps.
    NJROTC Health Risk Screening Questionnaire
    Standard Release Form.


    Cadets will receive blank forms in the first week of school. Failure to provide required paperwork will result in disenrollment from NJROTC.


    Cadet Conduct: Enrollment in the NJROTC is a privilege. Cadets must strive to maintain correct and proper conduct at all times. A cadet may be disenrolled by a Naval Science Instructor for any of the following reasons:


    Failure to maintain acceptable standards of conduct (school suspension offenses).
    Lack of aptitude, indifference to training, disciplinary reasons, or undesirable character traits (e.g. stealing, lying, disrespectful).
    Receiving a final grade of “F” on any Naval Science course.
    Frequent absences from school.


    Required Materials: Pen and pencil; highlighter; notebook paper.


    Lab Fee: A $25.00 lab fee will be assessed to each cadet to cover the cost of unit specific PT gear and to offset the cost of frequently used classroom consumables.  Cash or checks payable to “Westside NJROTC #21R” should be provided to the cadet’s respective Naval Science Instructor.


    Fundraisers: The unit will conduct various fund-raising activities to cover the cost of transportation for drill competitions, field trips and other assorted activities throughout the year. These funds will be for the purchase of ribbons and medals received by the cadets. Cadets are encouraged to participate in these fund-raising events, if they are to be considered for participation in extra-curricular activities or leadership roles within the unit.


    Points of Contact:  Gunnery SGT Kenneth Towns (townsKe1@richmond.k12.ga.us) /Petty Officer Corey Jones (jonesco@richmond.k12.ga.us) (Instructors can be reached at 706-868-4030 Ext NJROTC)





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  • Welcome to Westside High School 

    The purpose of the NJROTC Program is to instill in students the value of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment.   This is accomplished through classroom instruction, participation and competitive teams and assignment in a military structure.   Cadets are encouraged to develop their potential by participating in competitive teams such as male and female drill teams, teams, academic teams and color guards.  Other very important parts of the NJROTC program are participation in orientation trips to military installations and community service.  The Westside NJROTC Unit believes strongly in giving back to the community and participates in over 2,000 hours of community service projects during the school year.

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