• Parents Please Click the PE Syllabus link in the resource section below and go over the document with your student!!!

    Attention K-3 Parents!!!!

    Do not be alarmed if you see a 1-4 on your childs PE grade.  By the end of the year each child should be on level 4.  We only assess one or two major categories per 9 weeks.  Your child should have a 1, but are still achieving 100% in PE.  The first 9 weeks we will assess locamotor movements and spatial awareness.  Please see the breakdown below-


    1st 9 Weeks-  Locamotor Movements & Spatial Awareness = 1

    2nd 9 Weeks- PE/Game Rules & Throwing and Catching = 2

    3rd 9 Weeks- Physical Science of Exercise & General Body Parts = 3

    4th 9 Weeks- Striking & Kicking Skills = 4

    (These numbers or above would indicate a 100% in PE)



    2019/2020  PE Schedule- Classes are now 48 minutes!

    3rd- 8:20-9:08

    4th- 9:08-9:56

    5th & 6th- 9:56-10:44

    7th or 8th- 11:15-12:00

    K- 12:51-1:39

    1st- 1:39-2:27

    2nd- 2:27-3:15



    As a part of your child’s

    P.E. program, all schools throughout

    the state will be participating

    in the FITNESSGRAM fitness assessment

    which measures health related

    fitness for youth.

    The FITNESSGRAM physical

    fitness assessment measures

    aerobic capacity, muscular

    strength and endurance, flexibility,

    and body composition. We

    ask that you encourage your children

    to participate with their best

    efforts and to the best of their

    abilities. Each student will be assessed

    using the following assessment


    • One-Mile Run
    • Push-Up
    • Height/Weight
    • Curl-Up
    • Back-Saver Sit and Reach

    A confidential FITNESSGRAM

    report will be provided for

    each student to take home. This

    report will include your child’s

    scores and information on the FITNESSGRAM

    Healthy Fitness Zones.

    The Healthy Fitness Zone represents

    the level of fitness needed

    for good health. The information

    on this private report will not be

    displayed or made public.

    For more information regarding

    the FITNESSGRAM assessment,

    please refer to


    faqparents. If you have any

    questions, please contact your

    school principal or physical education





    Fitness Testing

    Golf Skills



    Flag Football

    Cooperative Games

    Recreational Games

    Fitness Games

    Basketball Skills

    Striking Skills

    Volleyball Skills

    Softball Skills

    Track and Field Skills

    Soccer Skills

    Movement- Dodging/Avoiding

    Endurance- 2 minute jog

    Loco-motor movements


    Special Events:

    The Augusta Warrior Project-Hat Day

    Fun Run

    Cross Creek Track Meet

    Field Day

    Red Ribbon Sock Hop

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