• Distance Learning

    During the time we are out, students will be engaging in distance learning so that they do not fall behind.

    Expectations for Distance Learning will be as follows: 

    • Students and parents can contact me via email simmoco@boe.richmond.k12.ga.uus or through ClassDoJo between the hours of 8am-4pm/Mon.-Fri
    • Assignments  will be given daily or weekly with due dates for expected completion on
    • online.testroom.com/Microsoft Forms/Edgenuity, Microsoft Word and/or Khan Academy. 
    • We will utilize the platforms above for assignment submission.
    • Students be sure to complete assigned work in the time allotted. I will be monitoring your progress daily.  


     Khan Academy Classroom codes

    Simmons' Math Class: W6XDVCAW

    Frost's Math Class:  E44C3SDV


  • Welcome Back To School

    Welcome to sixth grade at C. T. Walker Magnet School.   My name is

    Mrs. Simmons  and I am so excited to be your teacher!  We are

    going to have so much fun together this year and learn a lot

    of new things.  I hope you have been enjoying the summer

    break and making lots of memories.  I cannot wait to hear

    about them.  We will get to know each other throughout the year.


    Mrs. Corliss Simmons
    6th Grade Math
    7th Grade Language Arts
    (706) 823-6950