• Mrs. Rashada


    Mrs. Deborah Rashada

    HHS Algebra I Teacher

    706-592-2089 (School)

    706-495-3891 (Call or Text via Cell)


    Hephzibah High School

    4558 Brothersville Road  Hephzibah, GA 30815


    Associate in Science Education

    Bachelor of Science in Education


    Onsite Tutoring is offered on Mondays from 2:45 - 3:45 (Tentatively).




  • Welcome to Hephzibah High School! I’m Mrs. Rashada and I’m an Augusta native, married over 42 plus years. My husband and I raised nine children, eight of our own and my niece. Their ages range from 33 – 43. My husband and I are grandparents of eighteen grandchildren, and four bonus grandchildren. I’m a graduate of Butler High School. After pursuing a higher education 28 years later, I graduated from Georgia Military College with honors, in 2007. Later, I graduated from Paine College as Valedictorian in 2011, received the Golden Apple Award, in 2013, and was awarded Teacher of the Year, in 2017, which I’m very grateful for and humbled.

    I’m a people-person who enjoys spending time with my family as well as cooking, baking, rollerblading, and crocheting. I believe in open communication and collaboration. Remember we are on this journey together. I’m looking forward to building positive relationships with you and your families.

    We are living in uncertain times, and with that said, nothing is infinite. Innovation is on our side; we will utilize technology...we can make it work. Success is a choice…put forth your best effort…I will! Let’s stay positive and be safe. Let’s do our best to make it a great year!

     Masks are Mandatory!
    Information updated 1/11/2021

     FEV Tutoring Information (Also located on Launchpad)

    1. Log in your Launchpad and click the FEV Tutor icon.
    2. Schedule a tutoring session by email: www.ga@fevtutor.com 24 -7 or Phoning (855)-763-2607      Monday - Friday 8:00AM - 8:00PM .
    3. Tutoring sessions are available Monday - Friday from 7:00AM - 10:00PM and on weekends.
    4. Students are free to add and update their schedule throughout the program.


    For students who are absent, make sure to check your Canvas account for daily for announcements and assignments. 
    Here are the Remind codes for each class: You may join by downloading the app, then text to the appropriate code listed below. Every student must join his or her class.

     Algebra IA (Parents, when messaging via Remind, please identify your child.)

    2021-22 1st Period

    Text @rash1stp

    2021-22 2nd Period       

    Text @rash2ndp

    2021-22 3rd Period

    Text @rash3rdp

    2021-22 4th Period

    Text @rash4thp

    2021-22 5th Period

    Text @rash5thp

    2021-22 7th Period

    Text @rash7thp