• Mrs. Rashada


    Mrs. Deborah Rashada

    HHS Algebra IB Teacher

    706-592-2089 (School)

    706-495-3891 (Cell)


    Hephzibah High School

    4558 Brothersville Road  Hephzibah, GA 30815



  • Welcome to Hephzibah High School! I believe in open communication and collaboration. We are on this journey together, and I am eager and excited to get the school year underway. I hope my students have had a safe summer and are ready to get busy learning. We are living in uncertain times, and with that said, nothing is finite. Innovation is on our side and with technology, we can make it work. Whether your child hates math or loves it with a passion, I sincerely hope for their best effort so we can have a successful school year. Be positive and stay safe.
    Here are the Remind codes for each class: You may join by downloading the app to your phone and text to 80810.

     Algebra IB 2020-21 1st

    Text @rasha1st

    Algebra IB 2020-21 2nd

    Text @rasha2nd

    Algebra IB 2020-21 3rd

    Text @rasha3rd

    Algebra IB 2020-21 4th

    Text @rasha4th

    Algebra IB 2020-21 5th

    Text @rasha5th

    Algebra IB 2020-21 7th

    Text @rasha7th