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    Year 3 Language and Literature!
    Ms. I. Ussin, MAT
    Language and Literature, Year 3
    8th Grade
    Room 121
    Office Hours: Monday & Wednesday, 9:35 - 10:35

    What Can 8th Graders Expect in Year 3 Language and Literature This Year?
    This course focuses on oral and written language, as well as media and technology for expressive, informational, argumentative, critical, and literary purposes. The course enables students to become skilled readers of more sophisticated literature by learning how to study and analyze literature through voice and style. The student will read a target number of books or word count equivalent from a variety of genres, subjects and disciplines. The student will compose writing in a variety of genres: narrative, expository, technical, response to literature, and argumentative. The student will analyze and edit his or her writing by focusing on conventions, voice, and style. There is an increase in writing, editing, and proofing. Mastering conventions is a major component of this course. Research becomes a critical component of this course. The student will also engage in viewing, listening, and speaking activities. 
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