• Welcome to Second Grade!

     My name is Miss Pamela Echols. I am an honors graduate from the University of Georgia. I am a fourth generation teacher in my family. I have taught fourth grade in Warrenton Georgia. I also taught second and thirds grades in my hometown of Thomson Georgia. I enjoyed teaching at the elementary school I went to as a child!  I have taught at Copeland Elementary for twenty-five years.  I believe that each child will have a successful school year with their family working hard to help support us throughout the year.  I have received two Golden Apple Awards. I always enjoy former students and parents coming back to visit to share their successes. I am excited to begin a new school year getting to know each of my students and their families.



    7:00-8:00  Breakfast   Daily posted assignment

    7:00-8:00 -Teacher Planning/Office Time - Parent Contact Time

         Student Choice: * I-Ready Reading Lesons

            * Go on Launchpad and work on MyOn project

           * Media Center website - Storytime

    10:00-10:30-  Daily Spelling Activity Skill Practice

    10:30-11:00 -Daily Reading Activity and Language Arts - See Daily sheets

    11:00-12:00- LUNCH

    12:00-1:00- Daily Writing Activity- Draw picture in Art notebook and write a story anout it.

    1:00-2:00- Math I-Ready Lessons / Daily Math Activity Sheets

    3:00-3:30- DEAR time - Read a book to someone. Draw a picture

    and write about your favorite part

    3:00-3:30-  Teacher Contact time / Office Time


     * Schedule and Directions - Posted on Class Dojo    Student completes two reading and math activity sheets each day.  Student with the most time spent on Iready Reading and IReady Math will earn a special prize!


  • Name Pamela Echols
    Second Grade Room 806
    Conference Hours: By Appointment
    (706) 737-7228   3:30-4:30
    PARENT /TEACHER BEST CONTACT   CLASS DOJO    * Please join for impotant updates.