Theresa Drago 
    Email: dragoth@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us
    Grade(s): 4th
    Subject(s): Math & Science


Welcome Message

  • Welcome to fourth grade, second semester! Fourth grade is now team teaching, so I'm teaching math AND science, which are my 2 favorite subjects to teach.  There are sooooo many cool things we can do in both of those subjects! 
    This is my 27th year teaching.  I taught 1 year in Oklahoma, and the rest here in Augusta.  This is my 9th year teaching 4th grade science, and 4th year teaching 4th grade math.
    We have lots of classroom pets.  We have 4 turtles (named after the TMNT), 2 different fish tanks (a beta bowl and a brackish water tank), a tarantula named Charlotte,and a bearded dragon named Liz.
    I believe in having a very hands-on, minds-on, actively engaged classroom, so we're definitely not a quiet bunch, but we certainly live up to our class name - Mrs. D's Busy Bees!