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    STEFF wELCOME  art girl
     Implementing the Common Core Standards, my goal is to  
      cheer motivate and help improve my students critical thinking, real-world problem solving, and life skills while exceeding the Common Core Content in a FUN and innovative way. 
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    To be truly well educated one must not only learn to appreciate the arts, but must have rich opportunities to actively participate in creative, hands-on work.  I use curriculum, STEAM  activities, and DIFFERENTIATED instruction through the INTEGRATED ARTS and MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE THEORY IN A STANDARDS BASED CLASSROOM.
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    I believe that any effective school venture happens when there is a partnership between the teacher and parents.  I look forward to working with you all!  With that in mind, I have an open door policy. You are always welcome! We are going to have an INCREDIBLE year!!
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    Mrs. Djoii Steffer 
    Email: Steffdj@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us
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