• August 6, 2018


    Dear Parents,


    I am very pleased and excited to have your child in my class this year.  I wish to guarantee your child and all the students in my classroom the positive and productive atmosphere they deserve.  In order to maintain this climate, all students must be governed by certain rules.  Keep in mind, the class rules go hand in hand with the school rules.  Therefore, I am utilizing the following discipline plan:


    Class Rules:      1.  Follow directions the first time given.

    1. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
    2. Walk in the classroom.
    3. Call others only by their given name.
    4. Raise your hand, wait to be recognized before speaking or leaving your seat.


    Rewards for following the rules:

    Individual:       praise, positive notes to parents, positive notes to students, treats, free instructional time inside the classroom, an opportunity to assist the teacher...

    Classwide:        in addition to the rewards listed above, free homework passes, special treats at lunchtime...


    Consequences for breaking the rules:

    1st:        Verbal Warning, name recorded

    2nd:       Move clip to 3 “Take 3” - student is removed from the group for three minutes to think about his/her behavior and create a plan for improvement (Daily Conduct Grade reduced to 3)

    3rd:       Move clip to 2 student loses half recess (Daily Conduct Grade reduced to 2)

    4th:       Move clip to 1, student loses entire recess, (Daily Conduct Grade reduced to 1)

    5th:       Move clip to 0, student loses entire recess, parents either called or written a note if unable to be contacted by phone, (Daily Conduct Grade reduced to 0)

    6th:       If behavior continues the student is referred to the principal via a discipline referral

    *Severe Behavior Clause: A Discipline Referral is written or uploaded via Infinite Campus and the student is referred to the principal

    *Severe behaviors are those behaviors that stop me from teaching and other students from learning.  Examples include, but are not limited to:  fighting, yelling, excessive and continuous crying, out of seat, harming another student, etc.


    The homework policy is as follows: Students will be responsible for work written on the Homework Assignments sheet taken home inside their homework folders Monday through Thursday.  Each homework paper with pictures should be colored by the student.  The coloring helps to strengthen the muscles in your child’s hand.  As the muscles get stronger, your child is able to control crayons and pencils better.  As a result, your child’s handwriting will improve. 


    Please Note: Homework assignments are extra practice on skills that students have already been taught.  Homework is given Monday night to Thursday night. Students are encouraged to read library books every weekend.


    Be sure to keep the Dolch Word List attached at the end of this packet in a safe place as students are to practice these words with parents for at least 5 minutes nightly.  The Dolch Word List contains 46 words that every second grader should be able to read independently along with the words they already know from first grade.  At school, we will be practicing reading skills using these and many other words daily.  It has been my experience that students who practice reading at home as well as at school read more fluently, have a greater sight word base, and have better reading comprehension skills.  Many parents make flash cards for the words and practice 5-10 words per evening.  If you have interesting ways to use your Dolch Word List with your child, please let me know.  I would love to share your ideas with other parents.


    I have already discussed the contents of this letter with your child, but I would appreciate it if you would review it with him/her before signing and returning the form on the following page.  Thank you for your support.


    Looking forward to a wonderful year,

    Ms  M. Cox



    I have read and discussed the following with my child: classroom rules, rewards, consequences, homework policy, and the Dolch word list.

    Parent/Guardian Signature____________________________________________________________________


    Child’s Name______________________________________________________________________________









    Student Information to Update My Records



    Student’s Full Name: ________________________________________________________________________


    Last Four Digits of Social Security Number:  XXX – XX –  ____ ____  ____  ____


    Address: __________________________________________________________________________________


       City_________________________________State______________________Zip Code____________


    Home Phone: __________________________________     Cell Phone: ________________________________


    Birthdate (include year): ____________________________


    Name of Parents/Guardians: __________________________________________________________________


    Work Phone(s): His______________________________    Hers: ________________________________


    My child has the following health concerns and/or takes the following medications: ______________________




    In Case of Emergency Contact (include name, telephone number, and relationship to child):


    Name_______________________________________Telephone Number______________________________


    Relationship to child________________________


    My child will go home in the afternoon:    _____ in a car with __________________________.

    (check all that apply)  _____ on a daycare van named _________________.


    Phone Number ________________________.


    _____ by walking, _______________ will pick him/her up.


    _____ on bus number _________.


    _____ My child will go to Boys and Girls Club afterschool


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