• Dear Parents,

    And Welcome to Warren Road Elementary.


    As an Elementary School Counselor with Richmond County Schools, my Comprehensive Guidance Plan consists of:

    (1)  Guidance Curriculum (2) Individual Planning  (3) Responsive Services  and (4) System Support.

     Classroom guidance is conducted once monthly for grades K-5.  Lessons cover a range of topics in the domain areas of:

    (1) Academic; (2) Personal (3) Social and (4) Career Development.  

    Topic examples include:  Responsibility, Respect, Study Skills, Drug and Bully Prevention Awareness, Citizenship; 

    and College and Career Readiness (CCRPI).  

    Individual Counseling is available for students who may benefit from one-on-one visits with the School Counselor to discuss personal, social or career


    One individual visit with the School Counselor is permitted to help students resolve an immediate problem.  After the first visit, students

    may express an interest in continuing one-on-one visits with the counselor.  A parent permission form will be sent home with the student for the parent

    to sign to allow further visits with the counselor. Visits are arranged on an as-needed basis and intended to not interfere with their academic schedule.

    When a crisis situation occurs, School Counselors are trained to react calmly in the event of an emergency.  School counselors consult 

    with teachers and parents when helping a student address problems that arise at school, whether it is academic or personal/social.

    School counselors collaborate with the system support of teachers, parents, administration, social workers and community agencies in order to respond

    and assist students in need.  




  • Catherine Nauful
    School Counselor
    Phone:  706.868-4022 (Listen to Options and Press Extension for Guidance) 
    Email: naufuca@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us