Welcome to Mr. Mullis's Class!

  • Grade: 8th

    Subjects: Ga. Studies and American Government


    School Phone Number: 706-592-3730

    Tutoring Times: Monday and Thursday 8:00-8:30

    Parent/Teacher Meetings: Arrange through Guidance

    Remind: @4DCH3AA

    Canvas: Use for assignments, notes, and other pertinent information



    HR 8:45-9:05

    1ST PERIOD 9:05-10:15

    2ND PERIOD 10:15-11:25

    3RD PERIOD 11:25-12:35

    LUNCH 12:35-1:10

    INTERVENTION 1:10-1:40

    4TH PERIOD 1:40-2:50

    CONNECTIONS 2:50-4:00

    DISMISSAL 4:00



    The link below is the contact information for all eighth-grade teachers and the expectations for your core classes you should have got when you picked up your work at the school. Please, reach out when you don't understand something - don't just ignore it and skip through it. Ask questions so I/we can help you.