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  • 7th Grade Life Science Syllabus


    7th Grade Honors/Gifted Life Science


    2019-20 School Year



    Course Description:


                Life science is a course designed to introduce the student to Physics and Chemistry. Life Science is not a tested subject of the Georgia Milestones Testing Program; however, in an effort to get your student ready for high school classes next year, I will be administering quarterly tests covering the material from the previous quarter. These tests will be cumulative with the 4th quarter test treated as a final exam counting 2 test grades. No exemptions will be allowed for the final exam.


    Instructional Material:


                The science text will be checked out to your student early in the year. I will make additional material available to them throughout the course.


    Class Supplies:


                Every student will need a dedicated Life Science section in their binder; or, a dedicated science notebook to begin the year. Assignments MUST be turned in on standard loose leaf paper. They cannot be torn from a spiral notebook.

    Donations of the following items are greatly appreciated: hand sanitizer, boxes of facial tissue, black ink-white board markers, disposable vinyl exam gloves (Size S, M, L ), and reams of copy paper – any color.



    Instructional Philosophy:


                Science is a hands-on field of study. As such, students will be expected to fully participate in all activities in and out of the classroom. Students are expected to come to class prepared to learn by having completed reading and writing assignments at home. Typically, the day will begin with a writing assignment that will stretch the student’s understanding of concepts covered in class. (SQUID – Science QUestIon of the Day) Following a discussion of their responses, the day’s lesson will be introduced along with the standard(s) it covers. A work period will allow the students to put into practice the day’s lesson while allowing me to focus my attention on providing additional help where it is needed among the class. Labs will allow the student to explore and reinforce what they have learned in the classroom through hands-on activities while learning to work together in groups. The class will end with a review of the day’s lesson.


    Major Course Projects:


                Typically, one major project will be required each 9 week grading period. These projects will require the student to work alone and/or in small groups over an extended period to accomplish the task. A complete description of each project will be sent home with the student for the parent to see at the time it is assigned. The projects will allow the student to report their work through their choice of formats; for example, oral reports, written reports, and models are a few of the report options.

                The second quarter project will be a Science Fair Project that must be completed by each student. Science fair projects must demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the scientific method on a topic of the student’s choice within the realm of Life science. Information about the science fair will be coming home in October so the student can begin work and budget their time to be ready to present their projects prior to the end of the second semester.




    Major Course Goals:


                Major course goals are the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) that, once mastered, will give a student the ability to use reasoning and thinking skills to learn and understand other curriculum objectives.

                The GSE that we will study in Life science are:

    1. Students will investigate the diversity of living organisms and how they can be compared scientifically
    2. Students will describe how cell structures, cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems interact to maintain the basic needs of organisms.
    1. Students will explain how organisms reproduce either sexually or asexually and transfer genetic information to determine the traits of their offspring.
    2. Students will examine the interdependence of organisms with one another and their environments.
    3. Students will explain the theory of evolution of living organisms through inherited characteristics.


    Course Assessment Plan:


                The basic grading schedule for my class is:

                                        Tests/Labs/Projects                              45%

                                        Classwork                                            25%

                                        Quizzes SQUID(s)                                10%

                                        Homework                                           10%

                                        Workbook                                           10%

                                        Total:                                                   100%

                Projects typically count for multiple grades.

                Incomplete assignments, illegible work, and work where the student fails to use complete sentences when writing their answers will not be accepted for grading. Any assignment not accepted for grading will receive a zero as a grade until it is reworked and turned in. Assignments turned in late will be subject to the 7th grade late work policy. A copy of that policy will be sent home for your signature. Tests, labs, and quizzes must be made up after school by appointment. It is the responsibility of the student to get missed work.

                I encourage my students to read. Therefore, when a student reads a book and provides a book report to document their accomplishment. I will consider the book report as 20 points of extra credit to be applied at me sole discretion to a single grade in a single category except projects. Books MUST be within 100 points above or below a student’s current Lexile level, have to be read after the first day of the school year, and cannot be a book assigned from another class. Please note that at least 400 pages must be read to earn the 20 point bonus. Students cannot read a book with fewer than 100 pages. Book reviews must be submitted on the form I provide. A student may earn 20 points maximum per quarter from book reviews. (Reduced to 10 points in the 4th quarter.)

                Make-up work will be accepted per Richmond County policy. Please, see the 2017-20178 Code of Student Conduct, page 11 for details.


    Grade Recovery/Late Work:

                At A.R. Johnson, we continuously reflect and analyze our progress to fulfill both A.R. Johnson and Richmond County’s missions and visions to ensure our students’ success.

    The following will be the late work policy for the 7th grade for the 2019-2020 school year. Work is expected the day it is due. Work turned in 1 day late will be graded on a 100 point scale with the late assignment noted in ClassDojo. Work turned in between 2 and 5 days late will be penalized 10 points per day. Work turned in more than 5 days late will receive a grade of “O” – zero. This policy includes assignments when students return from an absence. All assignments must be turned in by the end of the grading period.

    It is the student’s responsibility to get all missed assignments from the teacher when he or she is absent.  Our assignments for the week are posted at the beginning of the week. You may reference the student’s handbook for further explanations about absences and make up work.

    At my discretion, I will exempt certain assignments from the late work policy; e.g., projects.


                In the event your student falls behind or needs additional help mastering standards, I will load additional material for them to work on in Edgenuity and/or USAtestprep. These assignments will be aligned to the particular standard(s) your child needs help mastering and will have a time-definite deadline for completion by the end of the grading period. Successful completion of the assignment will result in your student’s grade changing to the grade they earned in Edgenuity for the assignments in question, not to exceed a grade of 80. It will not replace their grade on a report card.

                If your child is not successful in passing my class for one or more of the first three quarters, I will assign them a grade replacement assignment in Edgenuity that will have a time definite deadline for completion. Successful completion of this assignment before the deadline expires will raise your child’s grade up to a maximum of 75.


    Classroom Expectations


                Students should be in their seats ready to work by the time the tardy bell rings. Students late to class will be given a tardy notice and excessive tardies will be handled in accordance with the school discipline code. Students should come to school prepared to learn every day. That preparation includes having all materials with them at the time class begins.

                I will be using ClassDojo to monitor and report student behavior. It is also a great way for parents to communicate with me and me with you. Any student receiving 3 negative marks in a single class or 5 negative marks in a week will be assigned detention. I have two basic rules in my class: don’t get out of your seat without permission and don’t talk without permission.


    Extra help:


                I will be available for after school tutoring on Fridays. Please, let me know 24 hours in advance if your child will be staying for tutoring. Send a note, text, email or via ClassDojo to let me know your child is staying AND when they will be picked up and by whom. After school sessions begin at 3:35 p.m. and students must be picked up no later than 4:15 p.m.

    The National Honor Society also offers free tutoring after school. I encourage you to sign your child up for this service.


    Teacher Availability:


                Parent/teacher conferences must be scheduled through the ARJ guidance office. I am easiest to catch via ClassDojo and texting. My cell phone number is: 803-257-4159. You may also email me using roachst@richmond.k12.ga.us. Please, no phone calls after 9:00 p.m.


                I am looking forward to teaching your child this year.




    Mr. Steve Roach


             Complete the bottom portion of this syllabus, cut it on the line and return to school by Friday, August 9, 2019:


    Print Student Name:     ___________________________________________


    Print Parent Name:______________________________________________


    Parent Signature:________________________________________________   Date:    /     /________


    Best time to call:______________________Phone number to use:____________________________


    Do you mind if I text instead of calling?                Circle One:      TEXT        CALL                     EITHER


    Email address: _______________________________________________________________________


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