• S. T. E. A. M stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Agriculture, and Math


    I am Mr. Scott, the STEM teacher for A. Dorothy Hains Elementary Magnet School. I have taught in the Richmond County School System for 13 years and I am exicitd about the possibilites that this year holds.  I am a graduate of Morris Brown College and Augusta State University. I am certified in Science, Health, English/ Language Arts and Math; this, I am well-equipped and excited about helping students see how these disiplines are connected and intertwined.

    This year, we will take an innovative approach to enagage and enspire students to be productive and successful in a 21st century global economy.  It is my goal to ignite and foster success and creativity in every student through a challenging and rigorous cirriculumn.

    I strive to provide connections that will link our students to their future through creativity, technology and relevant real-world learning experiences. My vision is that all students will gain and improve their capacity to be courageous and innovative leaders who will strive for excellence in an ever-changing world.

    Our classes will focus on critical-thinking skills, communication, problem solving, and self-discovery. These attributes are all a part of what we call the Engineering Design  Process. We would like our innovative STEAM program to incorporate the core competencies of the future and bring classroom learning to life!


    Applied Engineering and Robotics

    Communication, Art, Design

    Digital and Innovative Technology


    This year, we will have many oppurtunities for parents, businesses and community members to collabrate with us to enhance student learning. We look foward to your ideas and are reaching out to you for your support in our endeavors. Help us continue to operate and thrive inside of the common consnsus that all childern