• Progress is neither swift nor easy! -Marie Curie
    Rebecca Potter
    Grade(s): 9-12
    Subject(s): Biology, Environmental Science, Advanced Placement Environmental Science, STEM, Science Fair, Science Bowl

  • To all of my students and their parents:  Thank you all for all of your hard work.  I was so impressed by how hard my students worked, how they all coped with this dire situation, and how much their parents supported them - and me!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  See you next year!


    UPDATENo additional work will be posted on my pages after 5/8/2020!  If you have not completed your assignments, please do so as soon as you can.  If you have any questions or problems, please email me immediately!  Thank you Distance Learners!

    Attention!  All distance learning lessons and information can be easily accessed by clicking on the appropriate subject class on the left!

    1. Every lesson set covers one week.
    2. Each week's lesson set will be released on Monday.
    3. I will check for progress every Friday.

    CONTACT me immediately via email (by clicking on the email link above for Outlook, or by copying the email link for gmail) if you have any problems or questions.




    The following are regularly scheduled tutoring times.  This can be subject to change to reflect my other duties and meetings; however, changes will be posted in the classroom.  Also, I am available at any time, to any student on request!

    Need help? Come in after school on Tuesdays and Fridays! 2:45-4:00pm:

    1. Make up work
    2. Tutoring
    3. Grade recovery

    Wednesday, 2:45-4:45pm - STEM

    Thursday's is reserved for meetings.

    Monday's are reserved for individual help!  Just ask!

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