• Progress is neither swift nor easy! -Marie Curie
    Rebecca Potter
    Grade(s): 9-12
    Subject(s): Environmental Science, Advanced Placement Environmental Science, AP Capstone Seminar, STEM, Science Fair, Science Bowl

  • Hurray!  Your College Board Advanced Placement summer assignments are here!

    APES:  Each of you have received a copy of the book Food, Inc.  Please read Part I of the book (pages 3-43).  You will have a test on this material within the first seven days of school.

    APS: Each of you have received a copy of the book Your Guide to AP Research.  Please read the first five chapters of this book (pages 1-31).  You will have a test on this material within the first seven days of school.

    Late enroller in these AP classes?  Extra copies of these books have been left in the front office.  Please make sure you pick up a copy for the summer.








    Potter        Grade Recovery Assistance       2020      Life Sciences


    1. All students who were not able to achieve a passing grade of 70% or better during first quarter, will be given the opportunity to improve their grade (0%-69%) over the next few weeks.
    2. Environmental Science (online and face-to-face), Advanced Placement Environmental Science (online and face-to-face), Biology (online), Advanced Placement Capstone Seminar (online and face-to-face).


    1. A Grade Recovery module will be posted in Canvas for each subject. The module can be found displayed at the beginning of November (modules are organized by date).
    2. The module will contain the ten (10) most frequently skipped (or underperformed) assignments from the previous quarter.


    1. Students must earn an 80% or better on each assignment.
    2. All assignments in the module must be completed.
    3. The highest possible replacement grade for the quarter is a 70%.


    1. The module for Q1 will open on Wednesday, 11/2/2020; and will close on Friday, 11/20/2020.
    2. No work will be accepted late; the module is either completed by the due date for Grade Recovery, or it is not.


    1. All students who are online learners may complete the module from home.
    2. Students who are face-to-face learners may complete the modules from home if access to technology is possible, or in my classroom after school (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays).

    Students and Parents!  Welcome to the new school year.  There is critical need-to-know information for you - please click on the appropriate course on the left hand menu.


    Ms. Potter's Welcome Video!


    CONTACT me immediately via email (by clicking on the email link above for Outlook, or by copying the email link for gmail, or pottere@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us) if you have any problems or questions.




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