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Past Due Assignments

    Gretchen Salomone
    Grade(s): 6-8
    Subject(s): Band and Chorus
    School: Belair K-8/ Freedom Park K-8

  • Band Notes- Aug 30, 2019- 7th & 8th Grade

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  • Band Notes Aug 30, 2019 6th Grade

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  • Welcome to BAND & CHORUS!

    My name is Gretchen Salomone and I am the Band Director for Grades 6-8 at Belair K-8 and Freedom Park K-8. I will also be having an afterschool Chorus for 6-8 at Belair K-8. All of these are brand new programs and I am very excited to begin this wonderful music making journey with my students. 


    If you are interested in joining one of these programs or have a question for me please email me at salomgr@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us


    I am looking forward to an awesome year filled with creating music and building music programs in Richmond County.


    Gretchen Salomone

    Director of Band & Chorus

    Belair K-8/ Freedom Park K-8


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