• Welcome to all, I am CWO3 Gregory Smith Sr USMC(ret),the Senior Marine Instructor here at George P. Butler High School.

    The intent of the Marine Corps JROTC Program is to develop the leadership abilities and build the character of high school students who choose to participate as JROTC Cadets.  The ‘Program‘ accomplishes this through a curriculum designed to teach participating students/cadets basic leadership tenets and skills.  It also provides them with an organizational framework within which they can practice what they have been taught.  As students grow in knowledge and responsibility under the guidance of their highly trained, dedicated instructors, they develop greater self-awareness through increased self-discipline and self-respect.  The end result is the creation of young citizens imbued with patriotism and a deeper understanding of their responsibilities to country, community, school, families and friends.

     The Marine Corps JROTC Program can be viewed as a team effort toward individual improvement.  Just as the members of any athletic team must work together in order to make the team successful, the Marine Corps JROTC Program requires the same from all participating cadets in order to make the individual cadets better.  There are many stories of how the selfless efforts of a team’s members led to greater self-awareness for the individuals involved.  The same effect is desired within a Marine Corps JROTC Program.  Cadets learn to work together to accomplish tasks for the common good, thereby diminishing selfish desires but increasing self-discipline. 

     The curriculum is divided into five categories: Leadership; Citizenship; Personal Growth and Responsibility; Public Service and Career Exploration; and General Military Subjects.  It is designed for teaching over a four-year period at traditional high schools consisting of 9th through 12th grades.  Each one-year period is considered a level of Leadership Education instruction and each level must total 180 academic hours for a total of 720 academic hours over a four-year period.   Finally, it is important to note that there is no active-duty military service requirement resulting from participation in the Marine Corps JROTC Program.  Students choosing to participate in JROTC incur no military service obligations but they can earn credit toward promotions in all branches of the armed forces for their JROTC training should they choose to enlist following graduation from high school.


    CWO3 Smith, Gregory
    CWO3 Smith, Gregory
    Email: SmithGr@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us
    Education: Masters Degree in Leadership Management, Ashford University

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