•                                                                 WELCOME TO SECOND GRADE                                                                                                                                              back to school      bus                                                     



    Can you believe that is it time for another school year to begin? Your child (children) has/have a new beginning in second grade.  We welcome students and parents with open arms, hearts, and minds. We hope that everyone has had a wonderful summer and is ready for a year full of fun and learning! It is going to be a very different way of learning this year.  We will be using a different platform to teach and learn called Canvas.  This will be used for online learning as well as Face-to-Face learning.  Students will learn to read advanced books, perfect math skills, become amazing authors, exceptional explorers, and super scientists!

    In second grade, students will use individualized learning groups through Microsoft teams on the computer, to master all academic content standards.  Our second grade students have standards in each subject to master.  Following are examples of those standards. In Language Arts, students will be required to master Second grade I-Ready sight words, read with fluency and accuracy while using decoding strategies, and participate in Writer’s Workshop where they will learn the fundamentals of narrative, informational, and opinion writing compositions.  In Math, students will be required to identify numbers up to 120; understand and apply base ten using place value; fluently add and subtract up to 4-digit numbers; measurement, length, and time; and identify attributes of plane and solid shapes.  In Social Studies, students will learn about historical figures; Georgia:  Georgia’s first people, How Georgia Became a Colony, Becoming a Georgian; Production, Distribution, Consumption, and Scarcity; and Geography.  In Science, students will learn about energy and motion, seasons of the year, shadows, moon phases, constellations, light and sound, life cycles of plants and animals, and basic needs of living things. 

    An active parent/guardian is one of the best resource to have when it comes to an academically successful child.  Therefore, we look forward to working with parents to teach the total child to excel and have a year of great expectations and success!



    Sylvia Cromartie