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Willis Foreman Elementary School

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  • Our fourth and fifth grade classes participate in Club Day every Thursday morning.

    Our clubs include:

    Chess Club

    Advisor:  Janice Long, Guidance Counselor

    Chess Club members learn and play a game that, according to research, influence learning and development; develop analytical, synthetic and decision-making skills. Players must call upon higher-order thinking skills to play the game.

    Drama Club

    Advisors:  Katherine Howard/Xavier Johnson, Teachers

    Garden/Arts-N-Crafts Club

    Advisor:  Sheila Ellis, Teacher

    The main purpose of the garden /arts-n-craft club is to give students an opportunity to plant and grow various plants, take care of the school's courtyard, show creativity through arts and crafts, and to develop a lifelong appreciation for the environment.
    Math Club

    Advisor:  Ashley Holaway, Teacher

    The goal of math club is to encourage strong math skills by providing opportunities for children to engage in logical reasoning and critical thinking. It is also to develop a deep appreciation and understanding of math skills. Students will build their self-confidence and excitement for math as they are challenged through a variety of challenging, yet fun activities involving higher order questioning and process skills.

    Media Club

    Advisor:  Valerie New, Library Media Specialist

    The Media Club incorporates a host of activities including computer skills, reading skills, information literacy skills and utilizes it's members as library assistants.

    Safety Patrol


    Spelling Bee

    Advisor:  Amy Adams, Teacher

    The Spelling Bee Club practices spelling strategies on websites in preparation for our Spelling Bee in February.


    Advisor:  Pamela Gordon, Teacher

    Club members design and produce the yearbook. Students learn online design and digital photography.  After being trained in how to use the Yearbook Online Design Program, students are partnered up and given the opportunity to take pictures and design a yearbook spread that they can work on at our weekly club meetings.