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  • It is with great "White Tiger" pride that I serve as the RCTCM Assistant Principal.  RCTCM has been my home for the last six years.  Previously I served as Social Studies Department Chair and educator of Economics and Personal Financial Literacy.  I am thrilled to SERVE and LEAD as your Assistant Principal and continue to support RCTCM students, parents, staff, and community stakeholders in achieving our mission and vision.  While this year may be filled with various changes and new faces, our GOALS and EXPECTATIONS of EXCELLENCE, remain.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, and feedback for improvement.  I look forward to a productive, engaging, reflective, and triumphant year!


    "It is only through raising expectations and striving for excellence that our children can reach their full potential." -Brad Henry


    Educators must learn to develop meaningful, long-lasting relationships with students, their parents, and the community in order to effectively assist in improving students’ quality of and understanding of life, academic scores and the overall climate of the school.  Teachers must also use pedagogical styles and techniques in the classroom that encourage individual motivation and students to fully engage in the inquiry, learning, and performance processes of education.  As Assistant Principal of RCTCM, I strongly enourage and support an environment where students are treated in an equitable, empathetic manner and where they have the freedom to learn creatively, practice self-reflection and data analysis, accept responsibility for their role in the learning process, and develop meaningful, lasting relationships with peers and staff.  It is imperative that teachers and staff demonstrate a commitment to meeting the educational and emotional needs (as best possible) of their students, communicate with parents and community members, and ask for and reflect upon feedback provided by students and other stakeholders to improve upon their practices.


    To educate the "modern" student teachers and administrators must employ a variety of strategies to engage and motivate.  Teachers are tasked with constructing a positive classroom environment that is inviting, safe, creative, challenging, differentiated, flexible, and supportive. RCTCM  is a technology driven, project and product-based school.  On a daily basis students complete authentic tasks, performance tasks, research tasks, real-world connection tasks, and culminating tasks to demonstrate their discovery, understanding, and mastery of content knowledge.  Students must be constantly evaluated to ensure continued development during the learning process.  Various differentiated opportunities and multi-cultural experiences are offered in our courses.  Students are able to showcase not only their content mastery, but also their natural talents and practice their interpersonal skills through group assignments, exercises, and simulations.  My decision to become an educator was greatly influenced by an internal desire to cultivate the next generation of students’ power to reason and to increase students’ understanding and application of instructional concepts in the real-world.  Students are my PASSION and will forever drive my BEING!  Thank you for being an RCTCM White Tiger!  Remember that "YOUR VOICE MATTERS!"  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact me and SHARE!

    Your Voice Matters


Assistant Principal

Mrs. Crystal J. Crawford

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    Phone:  706-823-5580 (Ext 1543 or 1510)


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