• Anthony Teague 
    Grade(s): 6,7, & 8 
    Subject(s): Math and Language Arts Remediation

    Math & Language Arts Remediation


    Class Description:

    These classes will assist students in gaining, maintaining, and exceeding grade-level abilities in the core subjects of Math & Language Arts.


    Class Communication:

    Remind.com will be used to communicate with parents & students on at least a weekly basis. This text-message/email application will be used to announce tests & quizzes, and will include resources used in class. 


    Supplies for Class:

    • Pencils and/or Pens
    • A pair of inexpensive headphones/earbuds. Please do not bring Beats or other expensive headphones to school. You will not be allowed to use them in my class.
    • Composition Notebooks


    Grading Components & Weights

    • 50% Classwork
    • 50% Quizzes & Summative Assessments


    Late Work, Make-Up Work, & Extra Credit

    • Assignments that are missing, whether because of absence or any other factor, may be submitted for full credit, but it must be submitted at least one week prior to the end of the nine-week period in which it was assigned. It is the student’s responsibility to check for missing work and submit it prior to the deadline.
    • Any Classwork that a student desires to resubmit for a higher grade will also be accepted as long as it is submitted one week prior to the end of the nine-week period.
    • No extra credit work will be given.


    Behavioral Expectations:

    • Students are expected to be follow the S.C.M.S. behavioral expectations (Studios, Committed, Motivated, & Strong).


    Personal Technology Policy:

    • Computers will be provided for students to complete their assignments. Therefore, students will not be allowed to use their personal technology devices in class. Failure to follow this standard wiTll result in disciplinary actions.