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  • Students and Parent:


    If your student failed Q1 and Q2 for Report Cards in Math, grade recovery is available. 

         Credit Recovery is accessed through Launchpad and then clicking "Blended Learning." There will be no login or additional steps required if you click on Blended Learning.


    ***Note: Do Not Click Credit Recovery because it'll ask you to log in; there are no assignments there.


         Students will have from the start of Q2 until  March 15th to complete the grade recovery. The Q1 and Q2  Report Card grade will be replaced with the completion of the Blended Learning grade recovery assignments. The title for the course will show automatically once inside of Credit Recovery for Math. Specifically, it is labeled "Scott_GA GSE Mathematics Grade Recovery."


         Please do not wait until March to start on the make-up assignments over Integers and Order of Operations  and One-Step Equations because your Child will run out of time since it is calculated at 9 hours total work-time for assignment completion. The virtual lessons look similar to I-Ready, but are located only in Blended Learning.


         Let me know if you have any additional questions via email at  Students will log on and complete the Grade Recovery in Blended Learning from Launchpad for Q1 and Q2 alone on their own please.


    ***Students are still responsible to complete the current Q2  and Q3 work assignments that will remain in Canvas along with attendance inside of the live classes in Teams.

    Also Please continue to have your child do their I-Ready Math --as they will Need to pass 3 lessons per week in math.

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    Dorothy Scott


    Grade(s):6th -8th 

    Subject(s):  Math, ELA




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    Please remember to check your homework tabs to get the homework.  

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